The Bigger Boat Film Quiz, Oxford

Are you bored of your local bog standard pub quiz? Fed up of so-called general knowledge questions you still can’t seem to answer? Maybe it’s time to try something new. And by “new”, I mean the 10-year strong Bigger Boat Film Quiz at Cowley Road’s Big Society.

Held on the second Tuesday of every month, the Bigger Boat Film Quiz is – with a little lateral thinking – exactly what it says on the tin. This is a bigger, better pub quiz than you’re likely to be used to, and it’s all about film. So are the prizes, if you’re lucky enough to win one. Each month tickets to the Ultimate Picture Palace and a range of DVDs are on offer – plus a round of free drinks.

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Quizmaster Peter Lefort puts his heart and soul into creating this interactive behemoth of a movie quiz, curating regular rounds on soundtracks, film posters, and trailers. Clips projected on to a large screen keep everyone as engaged as any film lover could ever hope to be, and the visual element makes it harder to miss a question. A changing set of monthly themes helps keep the quiz fresh and topical. This Tuesday’s summer blockbuster special edition packed in a round of Star Wars trivia, a fiendish stills-based segment, and a twist on the familiar closing round replacing trailers with credits.

The timely blockbuster edition represents only a sliver of the Bigger Boat Film Quiz’s diversity of coverage; a single quiz can require knowledge of Hitchcock, last year’s Best Picture winner, an underseen foreign film, and your favourite childhood flick. That said, for regular attendees there are plenty of recurrences to keep an eye out for, including Peter’s unashamed (ironic?) affection for the work of Nicolas Cage, and the seizing of any opportunity to poke fun at Michael Bay.


Deservedly, the Bigger Boat Film Quiz is mighty popular. However, this does contribute to what is possibly its greatest flaw; it can be difficult to grab your team a table that provides an unimpeded view of the screen (particularly important for the observation round). Venue wise you might start to think you’ve found an exception to Oxford’s tear-provoking beer prices, but don’t be fooled by Big Society’s 2/3 pint glasses. That said, smaller servings have their advantages; you can delude yourself you’re drinking more than you are without suffering the consequences, and less liquid means more room for the delicious food.

The entry cost of the quiz itself (£3 per person) goes to a different local interest charity each month, as nominated by attendees and Big Society staff.

The Bigger Boat Film Quiz next returns to Big Society’s ale-soaked shores on Tuesday 8th September. See you there.


A triumphant win!


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