Short of the Week – The Black Hole

The anonymous office setting of The Black Hole, along with the all-to-recognisable experiences of tedium and frustration, anticipates the equally surreal world of Richard Ayoade’s The Double.

The Black Hole is at once a visual joke and a moral contemplation. After easing us in with the protagonist’s first petty theft the short escalates drastically to show his fevered indulgence of the situation, and to provoke the viewer into considering how they would act.

A refreshingly simple premise and a bold narrative arc combine with sound effects creatively utilised to represent sensation. A shudder or wry chuckle are equally likely reactions.


DIRECTOR: Diamond Dogs (Phil Sansom and Olly Williams)

WRITTEN BY: Diamond Dogs (Phil Sansom and Olly Williams)

CAST: Napoleon Ryan

SYNOPSIS: Alone in the office, a man gets on with some photocopying. The surreal results lead to a moral test.


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