Couple in a Hole

Directed by: Tom Geens

Written by: Tom Geens

Starring: Paul Higgins, Kate Dickie, Jerome Kircher

Dickie and Higgins are a study in contrasts, giving versatile performances which convey distinctions in two people’s response to a traumatic experience. Dickie’s is a particularly impressive turn, her malleable physical skill imbuing Karen with both a fearful paranoia and simmering hyperactivity.



The unlikely bold altrock score elevates the often trying pace, as cinematographer Sam Clare makes the forest setting both a beautiful Eden and a threatening environ of distrust and fragile relationships. Lingering landscape shots almost become still photography, while a tendency to frame hands in close up emphasises the physical labour of this lifestyle.

After a slow build, Couple In A Hole develops from brooding drama to frenetic thriller. Attractive photography doesn’t amount to much, and the climax jars with all that comes before.




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