11 Minutes

Directed by: Jerzy Skolimowski

Written by: Jerzy Skolimowski

Starring: Grazyna Blecka-Kolska, Anna Maria Buczek, Agata Buzek, Janusz Chabior, Paulina Chapko, Andrzej Chyra, Marta Dabrowska, Richard Dormer

Though they do overlap slightly, most segments of Skolimowski’s time-bending experiment have enough to interest on an individual level. However, the unusual perspective of a dog’s eye view is all that elevates the banality of one storyline.

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Snappy editing, a well-judged structure and an immersive use of sound – watch out for the sudden increases in volume – help maintain a fast pace. But Skolimowski isn’t patient enough to let his scenarios play out; he contrives an irritatingly forced connection between the characters which fails to wrap up all of the loose ends, rendering the film’s flaws plain to see.

11 Minutes ends with a whimper rather than the intended bang; the cop-out of a conclusion suggests its most influential touchstone was the Final Destination franchise.




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