Blogiversary II

My blog has now turned 2! (As you can probably guess, I meant to post this yesterday. I got distracted by the new issue of Empire).

Here’s a little update on how I’ve spent my last film-addicted year:
I have a little film journal for jotting down thoughts (normally much less coherent than a review, but interesting to see how my opinions change if and when I re-watch things). Anyway, it has a memorabilia section which I mainly use for keeping cinema tickets. If the number I have managed to hang on to since this time last year is in any way representative then I’ve been to the cinema upwards of 36 times. Not bad, but I’d like to do better…

Last year I was reviewing and writing features for The Oxford Student, and since then I have spent 9 months as editor of the Screen section, the best part of this being that I got to go to a few advance press screenings where I could feel like a REAL FILM CRITIC. Though as I howled my way through Austenland I probably didn’t exactly scream professional.

Doing a bit of marketing work for the Phoenix Picturehouse has provided me with almost more free tickets than I can get through (believe me, no complaints here).

A Room with a View, AKA Acting Dames convention. I guess Helen didn't get the memo.

A Room with a View, AKA Acting Dames convention. I guess Helen didn’t get the memo.

You may have noticed that my rate of posting has been slower lately (my humble apologies). Without The OxStu’s concrete print deadlines I’ve been less prolific here, but I’ve still been writing plenty about film… As part of my English degree I chose to write a free-choice essay on film adaptation, focussing on Merchant-Ivory’s adaptations of E. M. Forster’s A Room with a View and Maurice, and Ken Russell’s BBC series based on D. H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley novels.

I also managed to write a linguistics essay on Mean Girls – one of my proudest moments. My marks are yet to be determined…


Thanks to everyone who reads, I appreciate it 🙂

Scenealotoffilms @FilmSceneExtra

You can read last year’s Blogiversary post here.


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