Introducing Cineaste – Your new guide to film events across North East London

I’m launching a new project, just for fun. Cineaste is an email newsletter dedicated to helping film lovers discover cinema events across North East London – primarily those beyond the mainstream and under the radar. There’ll also be general coverage of independent releases relevant beyond London.

What can you expect from Cineaste?

  • Top tips on the best bargain cinema tickets around – EG how and where you can get £5 tickets on Mondays and £3 tickets on Thursdays
  • Access to niche and exclusive events that don’t advertise widely
  • Tip offs about the best cinemas and film events you’ve never heard of

* Should you have any data protection concerns, rest assured that I am a professional email marketer and have advised several organisations on compliancy and helped them take practical steps to improve their practices. Everything will be above board and you can of course unsubscribe at any time 🙂