Mr Gaga

Directed by: Tomer Heymann      

Written by: Tomer Heymann

Somewhat understandably, Mr Gaga is overly reliant on enchanting and hypnotic footage of Naharin’s shows, and the film is bolstered by frank interview input from its subject.


Rather than answer the potentially impossible question he poses – what led Naharin to dance – Heymann conspires with his subject to deliberately mislead. This hoodwinking is sure to infuriate some.

Although the doc is engaging throughout, the ‘gaga’ concept that gives it its name is never well articulated. More pleasing, however, is the fact that Mr Gaga doesn’t purely laud Naharin’s genius; rehearsal footage and dancers’ testimonies reveal him to be a hard taskmaster.

Heymann may have omitted too much due to overestimating the public’s knowledge of Naharin’s career, yet Mr Gaga is always interesting, and at times deeply moving.




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