Mike Wazowski


Hi all, this isn’t my usual kind of post I’m afraid, but just an excuse for me to show off a recent fancy dress costume I was pretty proud of. My college had a Disney themed bop as part of freshers’ week. Admittedly I’m not the biggest Disney fan (I spent my childhood watching Marc Lawrence’s films instead, along with slightly inappopriate things like Hideous Kinky), so I went down the Pixar route. I’m the one in the middle-ish dressed as Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University.

And here I am upstaging someone with the same costume idea. Sorry dude.


My costume provided at least an hour and a half of procrastination, and was pretty enjoyable to make. Though cutting through so much cardboard was kind of tough! I used mainly unwanted stuff that was lying around where I live, including a large box I found in the recycling and some scrap paper. I bought green tissue paper to cover the card with and green tights to wear. It rained so much that I had to carry Mike to and from the event in a binbag so he wouldn’t get ruined (though I did manage to splash some drinks on him), and by the end of the night the dye in my tights had stained my feet green!

Robin Thelma and Louise

Via bethebteam.blogspot.co.uk – Click for more

EDIT (14/11/2013): My costume made it to a fashion blog!

Admittedly it’s my sister’s, but definitely worth checking out for more than just this reason. Fashion might not be your thing, but if film is check out her Thelma & Louise-inspired post.

And you can read my thoughts on Thelma & Louise right here.


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