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BAFTA Ceremony Live Blog

23:04 The night’s not over till you”ve watched your friends dance to the BBC news music. Over and out.

23:00 “Gravity”, “Gravity”, “Gravity”

22:58 literally said as I came out of the cinema that I wanted Gravity to win sound

22:55 awed silence. Mirren is such a commanding speaker.

22:54 let’s hear it for the underappreciated people!

22:53 yeah, we all just raised our hands as per Helen Mirren’s instruction

22:45 Steve McQueen is making films for the right reason

22:41 At this point we’re just ogling actors


EE British Academy Film Awards, Ceremony, Royal Opera House, London, Britain - 16 Feb 2014

A well-deserved (though massively predictable) win for Cate Blanchett

22:37 Without Sandra B there would be no Gravity, SHE IS GRAVITY

22:34 laughing at the bitter faces of directors who didn’t win – mainly Paul Greengrass

22:32 a lot of love for Gravity here – I think a bit too much actually. Though handling all that rigging is admirable

22:30 why do all these great actors suck at hiding the fact they’re reading off autocues?!

22:26 another correct guess for me! Also was predictable because Uma Thurman had a little panic about how to pronounce his name

22:23 wow, she is beautiful

22:21 where was James Gandolfini? – Beth pointed out he was omitted from the tributes

22:19 shamefully didn’t know Ruth Prawer Jhabvala had died this year, despite the fact that I’m doing coursework on some of the Merchant Ivory adaptations of Forster novels which she wrote screenplays for

22:18 Beth tears up…

22:16 that was cute

22:14 School buddy of Will Poulter, George Mackay loses with good grace

Must admit, I voted for George Mackay. Then 12 Years came out so now I wish I voted for Lupita Nyong'o

Must admit, I voted for George Mackay. Then 12 Years came out so now I wish I voted for Lupita Nyong’o

22:13 come on Lupita, you deserve this even more now that Jennifer Lawrence beat you for supporting actress!

22:12 Eddie, Leo already made that joke

22:09 he’s so right to make the point that, like slavery, the atrocities in Philomena affected many, not just one

22:08 Steve Coogan getting some decent exercise walking up to that podium

22:08 yes, well deserved coogan and pope!!

22:07 looking back a few hours I’m wondering why I thought Captain Philips would get this, it’s a really tough category

22:05 I gladly welcome Amy Adams

22:05  jokes are just not appropriate in the context of slavery

22:03 those of you in Oxford – 12 Years on at the UPP all next week if you haven’t managed to catch it yet. You should.

22:01 I’m really sad that Nebraska might not get any awards omg Stephen Fry why are you saying this, and why did it get edited into the broadcast!!

22:00 We’re all agreed that Gravity shouldn’t have won that (original screenplay). I wasn’t feeling American Hustle either

21:57 Yes, someone who can actually present with interest and charisma, Caesar Flickerman! erm, I mean Stanley Tucci

21:55 Apologies, my ‘informed’ opinions do not extend to Peter Greenaway

21:48 the female bladder is protesting but I will not give in

21:47 such a shame J-Law isn’t here…I’m sure she would have been hilarious. David O should have tripped on the stairs in tribute

21:46 mixed opinions on that…I REALLY love Jennifer Lawrence, but she did win just last year. Still, only Lupita upstaged her in that category, and she did get the SAG

21:45 I’m thinking Lupita

21:43 Me too LEO!

21:40 Cinematography – NEBRASKA PLEASE – the black and white is so justified ah shit


21:39 Yes Mr Fry, as I keep telling people it is time to build an ark! Darren Aronofsky is trying to warn us

21:37 I used to think I didn’t like Tom Hanks but I’ve changed my mind this year. He made me laugh in Saving Mr Banks (though I was totally on Thompson’s side) and is great in Apollo 13

21:36 laughing at Fry’s jokes out of obligation. Saving Mr Hanks, really?

21:35 loving how genuine the speeches are this year. none of that ‘I so wasn’t expecting this’ shit

21:33 ah that’s a nice surprise. But must see Captain Philips

21:32 come on fass

21:31 Dench has cheered up now that Thompson’s on stage

21:29 Ellie: “when they’re new they’re so cute”

21:28 We’re so excited in Dale common room that we just gossed over the results of that one… Kelly + Victor looks really cute though

21:26 Thanks a lot Total Film for spoiling the Best Film winner for me. You will be swiftly unfollowed. Though I did guess correctly…again

21:23 Bradley Cooper less than stunning for most of American Hustle imho… apart from the uncomfortable forceful almost sex scene with Amy Adams

The hair and make up team didn't even feign surprise when they came on stage to accept the award!

The hair and make up team didn’t even feign surprise when they came on stage to accept the award!

21:22 Really hope American Hustle gets make up and hair. Anything else would be a crime

21:20 Frozen wins – another correct guess for me! Should have placed bets

21:19 I don’t know who these people are but they sound so scripted! and bored

21:18 I’ve only seen Monsters U in this category so can’t really judge – loved it though

21:17 Is it me or does David Heyman look like Daniel Day Lewis?


21:15 Gravity wins Outstanding British Film – as I predicted. Commiserations Stephen Frears, I was rooting for you

21:15 I find Idris Elba’s Mandela accent distracting tbh

21:12 It’s Oprah! Hoping for a win for Philomena in Outstanding British Film

21:11 Fry’s struggling with all these foreign names… but wouldn’t we all – Chiwe – erm?

21:09 Who do you think will win the EE rising star award?

21:08 loving the velvet

21:08 cue the montage

21:07 I LOVE EMMA THOMPSON. I hope Meryl’s there so they can have a catfight


21:06 Hanks does not look pleased!

21:03 TBH, I don’t want to lick any of them

21:02 Hey Stephen Fry. And beard.

21:01 I don’t care what they’re wearing! Tell me who’s won! I’ve resisted looking it up for the last 2 hours.

20:59 Watching with ma pal Beth White, check out her “live” tweets (ceremony real time) @Screenoxide and @bethanywhite

20:58 So excited I forgot how to switch the TV on!

20:49 You can find predictions to some of the bigger categories in my previous post.