In the Room

Directed by: Eric Khoo

Written by: Jonathon Lim, Andrew Hook

Starring: Koh Boon Pin, Daniel Jenkins, Ian Tan, Nadia Ar, Netnaphad Pulsavad, Wasurat Unaprom, Lawrence Wong, Show Nishino, Choi Woo Shik, Kkobbi Kim

After opening shorts respectively characterised by static, stagey discourse and poor acting, In the Room grows in confidence and passionate eloquence.

IN THE ROOM_head on shoulder.jpg

The haunting presence of a deceased man chasing an unfulfilled moment of connection with a maid focuses the recurring themes of loneliness, regret, and what ifs.

His continual voyeurism, however, is a disturbing contributor to the film’s uncompromisingly male perspective; male bodies are repeatedly shot in a far more coy fashion than their female partners.

While the women largely remain inscrutable, Lawrence Wong gives a soulful performance in one of the better developed narratives.

Marred by inconsistency and a perverse attitude to female sexuality, In the Room offers thought-provoking contemplation on the variety of human relationships, experience and emotion passing through a single room.



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